Introducing STEMReader

Overview of stem reader
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STEMReader has been developed to read MathML or Latex maths notation using the computer’s built in text to speech with elements of each equations highlighted with  colour. The settings allow for personalisation and the application can be used with screen reader and keyboard only access

How to use STEMReader

You can download the beta version STEMReader. This does not include the Word plug-in but you can set-up Microsoft Word to copy equations to the clipboard as MathML that can then be pasted into STEMReader.

STEMReader has a simple menu bar that is used for the main navigation through equations, although it is also possible to select areas with the equation via a mouse or touch on a tablet.

main menu bar
STEMReader provides you with a number of ways of navigating into the equation. This is to help you to break-down the equation into manageable, but meaningful sections. In order to keep mathematical operators together, the equation is processed into a tree structure and displayed in the tree view (Premium version only).
start and stop speech

Read aloud and stop reading: Ctrl + spacebar

zoom into selection

You can zoom into part of the equation by using the zoom button on the toolbar . This is the same as moving down a branch in the tree. You can keep zooming into a part of the equation until a single item is highlighted. If your selected variable occurs more than once in the equation then each occurrence will be outlined in red.

move forwardbackwards

You can then move through the equation using the forward and backwards arrows. You can only move through the branch you have selected. When you cannot move further forward or backwards, the arrow will appear greyed out. If you use the short-cut keys,  you will hear a beep when you cannot move further.

zoom out of selection

In order to move to another part of the equation you will need to zoom out.

You can also select part of the equation by selecting, clicking or touching it. If you select on an operator (e.g. +, -) this will pick out the items in the equation that are linked to the operator.

refresh equation

Refresh equation: Ctrl + W

STEMReader home

home page








When you launch STEMReader, you will start on the Home Screen. You can return to the Home Page from any screen in STEMReader by clicking on the STEMReader icon.

On the Home Page you can copy and paste MathML or LaTeX equations to display on the equation page.

dictionary definitions

The dictionary button on the toolbar will display a simple definition or the top level item selected in the equation.

switch to mini view

Switch to mini view / full view:  Ctrl + L

menu expand and collapse

Menu expand / collapse:  Alt + F


The Settings within STEMReader are accessed via the menu in the left-hand side bar. If you make a change to a setting you need to select the Save button at the bottom of the screen and the restart STEMReader for it to be applied.

STEMReader Word Plug-in

STEMReader Premium comes with a plug-in for Microsoft Word (2010 and later versions). With the plug-in installed you simply need to place the cursor in an equation and click the STEMReader button on the ribbon. This will launch STEMReader, displaying the equation from your document so that you can interact with it.

ATbar for Windows

This is a free toolbar with reading support tools. You can use it to transfer an equation to STEMReader. Simply copy the MathML to the clipboard and select the STEMReader button. This will launch STEMReader, displaying the equation from the clipboard. ATbar for Windows is available to download from the ATbar Features page

ATbar icon labels

A more in depth overview of all the guidance is available from the Download version of the help document 

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