Screen Reader support and Shortcut Keys

Screen Reading

laptop and headphonesSTEMReader has been designed to work in parallel with screen reading tools such as those used by individuals who are blind or have visual impairments.

STEMReader will voice the maths, but it is necessary to use a screen reader to have audio feedback when accessing the interface. The application is built on web technology so interactions are the same as those needed when navigating within a web page.

Short-cut keys can be used for listing links to access menu items:

  • JAWS: Insert F7.
  • NVDA: NVDA key F7
  • SuperNova: CAPS LOCK + 1 [CAPS LOCK + F7]
  • Alt-F4 will close STEMReader

Shortcut Keys in STEMReader


start and stop speech

Read aloud and stop reading: Ctrl + spacebar

move forward

Move selection forward: Ctrl + /


Move selection backwards: Ctrl +

zoom into selection

Zoom in: Ctrl + [

zoom out of selection

Zoom out:  Ctrl + ]

refresh equation

Refresh equation: Ctrl + W

STEMReader home

STEMReader Home Page:  Alt + H


Settings:  Alt + S

dictionary definitions

Display definitions: Ctrl + D

switch to mini view

Switch to mini view / full view:  Ctrl + L

menu expand and collapse

Menu expand / collapse:  Alt + F


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